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Visual Product Search &
Similar Product Recommendation Engine

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The "intelligent" choice for Product Search & Recommendation

Increase your products' visibility and sales conversion through
Bunsar's visual product search & similar product recommendation technology

Fully Automated

The engine does not require any human or machine produced product tag or description to measure product similarities. You just provide a photo of the product to make it work!

Better than Tags

The engine creates a multi-dimensional semantic fingerprint of the product's photo keeping all of the remarkable details which human or machine produced tags are insufficient to describe.

Strong Integration

The engine provides a clean and easy to use API facilitating the integration process with your web site or mobile application also a BI bridge able to interchange search histories in human readable format.

Mobile Visual Search

3 reasons to empower your mobile app with mobile visual search right now!

Mobile Search

Mobile search has beaten desktop search by the 2nd quarter of 2015 according to Google's report in 10 countries including USA.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce volume reached %46 of total e-commerce by the end of 2015 with a relative increase of %9,7 compared with 2014 according to Criteo’s market research.

Mobile Effect

Smartphones used as part of a shopping experience could impact up to %21 of retail sales and convert %14 better than others by 2016 according to Deloitte's market research.

Bunsar's Solution

Bunsar combines latest machine learning technologies with image processing algorithms to achieve the state-of-the-art visual product search performance.


The engine is able to proceed a search request within a second on a product database containing 5M products.


The engine produces highly accurate results based on the reviews made by domain professionals.


The engine is very scalable due to its robust infrastructure using latest GPU technologies and dynamic parameters.


The engine provides various features and options through its customizable API depending on customer needs.


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